quill_pen_and_ink_wellI came across this fascinating use of modern technology.  The American Antiquarian Society has reproduced the daily diary of a nineteenth-century blacksmith’s apprentice as a blog—a surprisingly fitting vehicle for such writing.  The mundane, day-in-day-out nature of these brief entries paints a remarkably vivid picture of life in a time and place that we cannot experience first-hand.

I wonder if this might be a way for us and for our students to document life in the Bronx in the early twenty-first century.  Perhaps a twenty-third century Ken Burns might find our musings valuable as primary sources for understanding life in America in what will then be a remote and distant past.deck_keyboard

Check out the blog, A Day in the Life of a Blacksmith. Make sure to click on the “About” tab for a brief and interesting background on this project.